Last-Minute Private Charter Flights

Are you looking for a last-minute private charter flight at a great price? We handle hundreds of last-minute private charter flights annually.


A profile view of the Citation M2
A Cirrus SR22 surrounded by many other private charter planes

Always Ready

As an FAA-Authorized Air Carrier, we’re uniquely positioned to offer unmatched last-minute private charter flight service. Since our planes are retroactively serviced, cleaned, and always ready to go, we can have our last-minute private charter clients in the air in less than an hour after they book their flight.

At Great Flight, last-minute plans deserve as much luxury and meticulous care as any other flight. Learn more about what to expect when hopping aboard a last-minute private charter flight with Great Flight.

The front of a Cessna Conquest private charter plane

Last-Minute Private Charter Flight Price

While pricing for last-minute private charter flights can vary based on several factors like how ‘last-minute’ your request is, distance, and other considerations, one thing’s for sure: we work to give you the best value for your private charter flight.

Record-Breaking Readiness with Last-Minute Charter Flights

We can have a last-minute private charter flight prepped for you in as little as one hour! We have the fastest response times in the private aviation industry. Whether it’s a sudden business meeting in the Carolinas or an impromptu weekend in the Bahamas, we’re your go-to for speed and efficiency. International flights that require customs clearances can add a bit more time—but don’t worry, we’ll handle all the heavy lifting.

We have several pilots under our employ and on contract to service last-minute private charter flight requests, which allows us to offer quicker dispatches throughout most if not all, hours of the day and night.

Whatever curveball life throws you, you can be confident that a Great Flight private charter is in your future. Whether another flight cancels and you’re left stranded on the tarmac, or a work emergency brings you across the continent, we’re always ready to have you aboard one of our last-minute private charter flights!

How Last-Minute Private Charter Flights Work

Let’s talk process. We’ve taken many efforts to ensure that your travel is as frictionless as possible, but the extra details help us make sure you have a Great Flight. Here’s what to expect when booking a last minute private charter with us:

  1. Details, Details, Details: A quick call or email to us, and we’ll nail down the particulars about your flight, such as destination, aircraft, return flight (if any,) passengers, special requests, etc.
  2. The Contract: We’ll let you know what we can do. Contract and payment are next. You’ll find no hidden catches here, just transparent, straightforward, easy-to-understand terms.
  3. Crew and Plane: While you sit back and think about your upcoming adventure, we’ll work to get your plane and crew ready for take-off, so all you have to do is join us on the tarmac.
  4. Board and Soar: Once everything’s set, all you have to do is arrive and enjoy the exceptional Great Flight experience you’ve come to expect.
A Citation M2 Private Charter Jet preparing for takeoff

Last-Minute Private Flights Don’t Mean Less

Here’s something you’ll love: opting for a last-minute private charter doesn’t mean you’ll get a rushed and lesser experience. We make concerted efforts to maintain our high-quality service, whether you book months in advance or just hours. From our signature white-glove service to personalized in-flight amenities, we don’t cut corners with last-minute charter flights. It’s the Great Flight Way.

Only a few charter flight amenities may be affected:

We may need more time to personalize your complimentary catering. If your last-minute charter is booked less than 24 hours before you depart, catering may not be available.

The Interior of the Citation M2

Why Great Flight is Your Best Bet for Last-Minute Flights

  • Speed: You can be in the air in as little as an hour.
  • Transparency: No sticker shock. We work to give you the best value for your luxury experience.
  • Quality: Your last-minute flight will have all the amenities you’d expect from any Great Flight charter.
Citation M2 Private Charter Jet on a runway preparing for takeoff.
Last-Minute Charters Are Ready

So, the next time spontaneity strikes or plans suddenly change, don’t sweat it; relish it. With Great Flight, last-minute private charter flights aren’t a compromise; it’s an opportunity.

Still have questions? No worries! We’re just a call or an email away, and we’re available 24/7.

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