About Great Flight

FAA Full Multi-Pilot Air Carrier

2 more planes in the process of being added
3 planes and 4 full time pilots
FAA Upgrades
FAA upgraded to a Full Multi-Pilot Air Carrier
Started with 1 plane and 1 pilot - the only employee
FAA Certification
FAA Certified as a Single Pilot Air Carrier
Built from scratch over almost two years before becoming granted Air Carrier status as an Air Charter company.
Founded by Adam Norwitch

The Great Flight Difference

Travel anytime, anywhere, on any plane

  • Wholly owned by Adam Norwitch
  • No investor money means no other outside parties to appease other than our clients and the FAA. Great Flight's clients and passengers are our stakeholders which is increasingly rare these days.
  • Great Flight has Brian L'Estrange as a dedicated Director of Maintenance with the Maintenance and Inspection authority from the FAA. Director of Maintenance maintains complete oversight of aircraft airworthiness and fitness for flight.
  • Great Flight has Michael Leighton as a dedicated Director of Operations. Director of Operations maintains compliance with FAA and safety of operations and oversight for all non-pilot employees and support staff.
  • Great Flight has a dedicated Chief Pilot with 1,000s of hours as captain over a 15-year period. The Chief Pilot facilitates continuing education of all of Great Flight's pilots.
  • Perfect record of safety over thousands of hours
  • Perfect record of customer satisfaction
  • Tail numbers are blocked to prevent unwanted tracking (client privacy is top priority)
  • Safety, Security, Comfort, Concierge level service in air travel.

Mission Statement:

Great Flight provides safe, passenger-centric Private Air Charter experiences with concierge level service for discerning clients.

Why have a good flight when you can have a Great Flight instead?

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