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Citation M2 Private Charter Jet on a runway preparing for takeoff.

Concierge Private Charter Aviation

Our mission goes far beyond offering point-to-point air travel. As pioneers of personalized private charter experiences, we are dedicated to exceeding your travel expectations. Set the bar higher for your next getaway, and settle for nothing less than a Great Flight with safety, personalization, and impeccable service from first call to touchdown.

The Interior of the Citation M2
Safety, Luxury, and Personalized Service in the Sky

The Great Flight Experience

Great Flight is the go-to choice for A-List celebrities, top athletes, and elite society members because of our pristine safety record, dedication to privacy, unparalleled customer service, and meticulous attention to detail. We have been the go-to choice for all those who demand excellence in air travel for the last decade.

From safety protocols and weather considerations to flight logistics, no aspect of your flight safety is ever compromised. Each of our passengers isn’t just a customer; they’re treated as a valued member of the Great Flight family.

Our Fleet: Options For All Budgets

Each aircraft in our fleet serves a purpose, and we have a plane for every use case and every preference. Learn more about our fleet.

Cessna Conquest II

2,200 mi.
# of Passengers
9 passengers

Cirrus SR22

1,248 nm.
# of Passengers
3 passengers

Citation M2 (Jet)

1,550 nm.
# of Passengers
4-5 passengers

Piper Meridian P46T

1,000+ miles
# of Passengers
5 passengers
background image of a sunset sky with a cloud floor
Cessna Conquest II
Cirrus SR22
Citation M2 (Jet)
Piper Meridian P46T
A Class Apart

We’re a Private Charter Air Carrier

Great Flight is not a middleman; we’re an FAA-authorized Air Carrier. Unlike brokers, we shoulder the responsibility for your private charter flight’s seamless execution. We’re bound by strict regulations ensuring operational control and safety, so skip the broker markup and work with the carrier directly for your next Great Flight.

Unlike other air carriers, Great Flight is, and always will be, a family-driven company. We’re not owned by a venture capital firm, and as a result, our only stakeholders are our valued customers. This hands-on, customer-first approach extends to every aspect of our service. Our president himself will occasionally pilot flights, representing our commitment to family values and personalized attention.

Complete privacy
Discretion and privacy at all times.
Never wait for a plane
Always ready and waiting for you.
Travel with any member of your family.
Ultimate comfort
Impeccable attention to detail.
More destinations
Thousands of destinations available.
Transparent security
Regularly inspected by the FAA.
Flight hours
Planes available
Customer satisfaction

Why Choose Great Flight Private Charter?

Owned by a pilot with over 15 years of experience
Perfect safety record
Perfect customer satisfaction record
Hundreds of planes available within a few hours—we can offer any of our fleet within hours to months
As an Air Carrier, we are able to offer the lowest possible prices.
Dedicated Maintenance Director, Operations Director, and President.
Dedicated support staff for concierge requests.
Citation M2 Private Jet Cockpit
Safety Above All: Your Charter with Great Flight

Safety and comfort are at the center of everything we do. We’ve never had an incident in the sky or on the ground because we exceed the industry standards for aircraft maintenance, crew training, and operational procedures.

Exemplary Private Aircraft Maintenance

Every aircraft in our fleet embodies excellence. Every plane is meticulously inspected and maintained to meet and exceed the highest industry standards. Before every flight, our aircraft undergo comprehensive maintenance checks, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and safety, and each time an aircraft returns to base, it receives a deep cleaning and detailed service, providing an immaculate setting for your journey. That’s the Great Flight Difference.

Dedicated Private Flight Crew and Rigorous Training

All Great Flight pilots undergo rigorous company management processes to adhere to our strict safety protocols. We have some of the industry’s most stringent operational procedure guidelines to ensure your safety and comfort at all times. Our pilots are extensively trained, profoundly experienced, friendly, and accommodating to any questions and requests you may have before and during your flight.

An Uncompromising Dedication to Your Well-Being

Your safety and well-being are non-negotiable. We spare no effort in ensuring that every aspect of your flight meets the most stringent safety criteria. From the take-off to the touchdown, we are committed to delivering a comfortable and, most importantly, safe experience for you and your passengers.

Private Jet Travel, Redefined with Great Flight

We invite you to experience the pinnacle of private flying, where every detail is considered, and every precaution is taken to guarantee your well-being. Experience the assurance of safety united with the opulence of private charter travel—experience a Great Flight.

Interior of the Conquest II Private Charter Plan e
The Great Flight Experience

Personalized Private Charter Flights

Personalization is the cornerstone of Great Flight. Our “white-glove” service goes beyond the expected, offering complimentary custom catering, concierge airport transfers in our opulent Cadillac Escalade or CT6, and in-flight WiFi. Arrive and depart in comfort, always.

Last minute or months in advance, we can accommodate any mission. Last-minute travel becomes an adventure with our swift responses and efficient departures. Our premier empty-leg flights deliver unbeatable pricing without compromising on safety or comfort. Our cargo flights offer unparalleled flexibility and reliability, helping you keep any logistic promise.  Experience a Great Flight at a Great Price.

Citation M2 Private Charter Jet on a runway preparing for takeoff.
Elevate Your Journey with Great Flight

Ready for takeoff? Join us as we ascend into the skies and allow us to redefine your expectations for private charter aviation. Get a free quote in as little as 10 minutes, and be in the air in as little as an hour.