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Great Flight is a private flight charter company with a growing fleet of luxurious, sleek, and impeccably-maintained aircraft ready to take you anywhere, anytime, on any size aircraft you desire. As one of the few private flight Operators in the industry, we are able to fly you on one of our very own planes or help you find a plane of your choosing.

Our principles are steeped in safety and customer service. Our team meticulously maintains our private planes and our aircraft are deep cleaned and detailed each time they return to base. All of our employees are subject to our stringent company management processes as well as safety protocols and our FAA Air Carrier Certificate means we uphold the highest government standards of safety.

Experience the difference in private flying, experience Great Flight.

Advantages of Private Flight Charters with Great Flight

Personalization and flexibility around your schedule

Private charter flights with Great Flight are everything you’d expect from a regional leader in private aviation. The entire flight experience is all about you:
  • You usually only have to arrive a few minutes before takeoff
  • You are typically in the air within a few minutes of boarding
  • You typically have flexible around your hours if you want to leave early or stay later than anticipated
  • You can usually change the passenger amount with minimal notice
  • You’ll often have wing side ground transportation upon arrival
In addition to the above benefits of flying with Great Flight, you’ll also enjoy complete privacy and discretion and the ability to arrange catering or other amenities at your beckoning call. It’s all waiting for you with a charter flight with us.

Benefits of Flying with an FAA Air Carrier (Operator)

An Operator like Great Flight does not just see your travel as a commodity

There is a marked difference in the private charter industry between companies that carry a FAA-Licensed Air Carrier certification (like us) and traditional airplane charter brokers. It takes years and large financial investments to become licensed by the Federal Government to fly passengers for hire. Because we operate our own fleet of aircraft, we are able to get our clients the best-possible price. For airplanes outside of our fleet, our intimate relationships with other Operators means we can provide the safest and best service that is often lower than what you’d get if you contacted other Operators directly.

Brokers are only out to commoditize their product with little oversight into the safety or operations of the pilots or aircraft they are soliciting bids for. If you enjoy the idea of government oversight, a rigorous vetting process of pilots and airplanes, and fair pricing, choose an Operator like Great Flight for all your private charter needs.

Let Us Redefine Your Expectations
of Private Flight Charters

Private aviation will soon become your favorite way to travel if it isn’t already

On your Great Flight, you’ll know everyone by first name… including the pilot. Imagine a literal red carpet experience, no TSA hassles, fresh catering of your favorite cuisine, and every other accommodation imaginable for your comfort and your time.

Arrive and depart within minutes; never wait for a plane

Complete privacy and discretion

Prearranged ground transportation for seamless travel

Personalized catering and accommodations for the ultimate in comfort

Access destinations not serviced by commercial flights

Transparent security done ahead of time and behind the scenes

The Great Flight Fleet.
Now Boarding: Anywhere You Want

Freedom to choose the right plane for your needs

The Great Flight fleet is a cost-effective private charter option for travel to and from the southeast. We currently have three aircraft in our fleet that are well-suited to take you wherever you want to go. In addition, we offer the opportunity to book any size aircraft, anywhere in the world, at any time. Not sure which aircraft suits your needs? Call our friendly customer support staff for information.

Airplane Charters: Available Aircraft from Affiliated Operators



Range: 500-900
Max# of Passengers: 3-5
Price Per Hour: $400-$1,000

Turbo Prop

Range: 900-1,500
Max# of Passengers: 4-9
Price Per Hour: $1,300-$1,800

Very Light Jet

Range: 800-1,000
Max# of Passengers: 2-3
Price Per Hour: $1,500-$2,000

Light Jet

Range: 800-2,400
Max# of Passengers: 4-7
Price Per Hour: $1,800-$2,800

Mid Jet

Range: 1,00-3,400
Max# of Passengers: 6-9
Price Per Hour: $2,600-$3,500

Super-Mid Jet

Range: 3,300-4,000
Max# of Passengers: 8-10
Price Per Hour: $3,500-$4,500

Heavy Jet

Range: 4,000-6,000
Max# of Passengers: 10-19
Price Per Hour: $4,500-$7,500

Biz Liner

Range: 5000+
Max# of Passengers: 20+
Price Per Hour: $10,000+

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