Flying in or out of West Palm Beach, FL has gotten even more convenient with private jet charters from Great Flight. Whether you are flying into Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) or one of the smaller, local airports we have aircraft that can accomodate your charter needs. Get a free quote now on private charter flights in or out of West Palm Beach or learn more about the Great Flight experience.

Direct Flights to and from Palm Beach International (PBI)

Great Flight operates out of the Jet Aviation FBO located on the south side of PBI. This airport allows for planes of nearly any size and we can set you up on a plane from our luxurious fleet or put you on any private jet of your liking. The convenience of flying in or out of PBI is that it is close to everything Palm Beach County has to offer.

PBI is just minutes from Palm Beach island, world-renowned golfing and shopping, and is a central hub for flights to the Caribbean as well as South or Central America.

The Great Flight Fleet

Great Flight currently operates three aircraft in our fleet. These aircraft can accommodate all sizes of groups and budgets without sacrificing luxury. For individual flights or for groups of up to three, we recommend the Cirrus SR22. It is ultra modern, comfortable, safe, and reliable. The Cirrus is a favorite amongst attorneys flying within the state such as with jaunts from South Florida to Tallahassee

For a slightly larger aircraft with room for you and four of your friends, we suggest the Piper Meridian P46T Turbine. The Piper Meridian is equipped with a turbine engine which is a jet engine that powers a prop. The advantage of this type of small aircraft over jets is that it is considerably less expensive and sacrifices little in speed. 

The largest aircraft in our fleet is the Cessna C441, a fast plane equipped with a pair of jet engines turning propellers. With speeds up to 370mph, a passenger capacity of up to nine, and unmatched operating economics, it is a smart choice for private charters around the US or internationally.

Of course, Great Flight can find you any size aircraft through our network of operators. And because we know the best pilots with the most reliable planes, you can rest assured that your safety will be a top concern along with our ability to secure highly competitive rates.

Charter Your Flight to or from West Palm Beach Today

If you are flying out of PBI or one of the nearby smaller airports, we can arrange flights for you along with our red carpet treatment. With available amenities such as catering, arranging pickup or dropoff, or assistance with accommodations, you’ll simply have to show up, board the plane, and sit back and relax. 

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