For those seeking the ultimate in Palm Beach private airport charter flights, it doesn’t get any more exclusive than flying out of the Jet Aviation FBO located at Palm Beach International (PBI) airport. Great Flight operates private charter flights to and from this location away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds, lines, and inconveniences of the public airport.

Fly In and Out of Palm Beach on Your Time

The main benefit of flying a private charter flight with us is that you are able to fly in or out of Palm Beach on your time. You choose when you want to depart (or arrive), you choose your aircraft, you choose your in-flight food and drink, and we take care of everything else.

Conveniently arrive at the Jet Aviation FBO just minutes before your flight, allow us to handle your baggage, and we’ll be in the air in minutes. We’ll even help arrange ground transportation and accommodations if requested.

Palm Beach Private Charters to Anywhere

Most of our clients flying private to and from West Palm Beach enjoy frequent jaunts to nearby locales such as the Bahamas, for quick business flights to Tallahassee, Tampa, Jacksonville or Orlando, and as a more comfortable option to popular commercial destinations such as New York or Washington, D.C.

Our clients know we’ll provide them the best in customer service alongside some of the most affordable rates in the private charter industry.

Private Turboprop Charter Flights

A little known secret in the charter flight industry is the advantage of turboprops over jets for price and convenience. A turboprop, a jet engine turning a propeller, provides the ultimate mix of jet-fueled performance and uncompromising luxury, often at a price that can be 40% less than a jet.

The other advantage of a turboprop charter versus a jet is the takeoff and landing distance. Turboprop aircraft tend to require much less runway to takeoff and land allowing our guests to fly to smaller, often more convenient airports that jets simply cannot get into. For this reason, some turboprop flights can be faster door-to-door than if taken by a jet.