Great Flight provides private charter flights to Ocean Reef Club Airport in beautiful Key Largo, FL. Fly direct to the Club’s most prestigious amenity with a chartered flight in your choice of aircraft. Our team will take care of registering the flight into the private airstrip and advise you as to the size of aircraft that can fly in and out of Ocean Reef.

Direct Flights to Ocean Reef Club from Anywhere

At Great Flight, we can literally fly you anywhere in the world although we specialize in flights in and around South Florida. Whether you need to fly to or from the Florida Keys, are puddle jumping from The Bahamas, or are doing a quick vacation stint from Miami or the Palm Beaches, we’ll provide you a beautiful, memorable flight with first class service and our signature reliability.

The Ocean Reef Airport uses Airport Identifier 07FA and has a runway length of 4,500 ft and width of 70 ft. This airport is flexible with different types of aircraft but is generally too short for the largest of jets.

For the most economical way to fly (without sparring any luxury) we recommend one of the three planes from our local fleet. Our Cirrus SR22 resembles a modern day luxury car and is updated with the latest technology, air conditioning, and room for you and two of your friends.

For a bit more legroom for you and your entourage, we recommend the Piper Meridian P46T Turbine. This plane rivals speeds of jets but is a fraction of the price without sacrificing any luxury and very little difference in speed. The Meridian comfortably seats five.

For the largest plane in our fleet we offer the Cessna C441, a highly desirable aircraft with twin turboprops that can travel up to 1,700 miles nonstop. The Cessna can seat up to nine passengers and has been recently upgraded to fit the tastes of our most discerning clientele. It is one of the best options for those who want a large plane and are trying to balance cost and performance.

Of course, your choice for flying is entirely up to you and we also are able to book light, mid-sized, heavy, and biz-liner jets. 

Safety is Our Top Priority

Great Flight holds your safety in high regard. Most of our pilots are retired commercial airline pilots and one of our most popular aircraft, the Cirrus SR22, actually has a built-in parachute making it one of the safest planes in the world. All of our employees have a proven track record for safe flying and provide the first class signature service Great Flight clients come to know and love.

Charter Your Flight Ocean Reef Club Airport Today

To book a flight simply use the form on our site or call us to arrange your custom quote. All quotes are free and we are a reliable, safe, and affordable luxury private flight charter company that provides flexibility in our departure and arrival destinations.

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