For those looking to fly a private jet to or from the “Magic City” there is no better decision than partnering with a local jet charter company to get you where you want to go in style. Great Flight specializes in flights in and out of Miami and other South Florida locations and offers safety, customer service, and our famous white glove treatment.

Learn more about chartering flights to Miami or flying private out of Miami to destinations throughout the USA and beyond.

Direct Flights to Miami from Anywhere

Great Flight can arrange private aircraft from anywhere in the world, at any time, on any aircraft. We’ll help you determine the best plane for your needs and budget, and get you enjoying all that South Beach has to offer. 

Skip the hassles of commercial flights and fly on your time. Once you arrive at the airport, you’ll often be in the air in a matter of minutes with your favorite beverage and meal ready to go. No more dealing with long lines, security checks, or large crowds; with Great Flight the entire experience is about you.

If you want us to arrange catering or any other special accommodations, simply let us know. We can also (often) arrange wing-side pickup, so you get a truly red carpet treatment from beginning to end. 

If you are chartering a flight to Miami, contact us today to get a free quote.

Airports Near Miami

Great Flight may be able to fly you in or out of these select Miami-area airports.

Airport NameCode
Miami International Airport(MIA, KMIA)
OpaLocka Executive(OPF, KOPF)
Kendall-Tamiami Airport(TMB, KTMB)


Safety is Our Top Priority

Great Flight owns and operates all the aircraft in our fleet. This means that we personally ensure they are all meticulously maintained inside and out and paired with the best pilots with exceptional safety records.

In the event you choose an aircraft outside our fleet, we will only pair you with airplanes and pilots that we can personally vouch for. This helps us maintain the flawless safety record we have and helps you maintain your peace of mind.

Popular Flights to or from Miami

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  • Private Flight from Atlanta to Miami
  • Private Flight from Tallahassee to Miami
  • Private Flight from Orlando to Miami
  • Private Flight from Tampa to Miami
  • Private Flight from Houston to Miami
  • Private Flight from Nashville to Miami
  • Private Flight from the Bahamas to Miami

The Great Flight Fleet

Enjoy private charter flights from Miami on our fleet of luxurious, sleek, and impeccably-maintained aircraft ready to take you anywhere, at anytime. 

For those quick jaunts with you and a friend or two, we recommend the smallest aircraft in our fleet, the Cirrus SR22. The ultra modern and efficient plane rivals that of Eurpoean luxury cars, with beautiful leather seats and a stunningly technology-packed cockpit. The SR22 seats up to three guests, is the most environmentally conscious plane per mile of any aircraft of similar size and speed, and is the only aircraft with a whole plane parachute. This is the ideal charter airplane for flights from Miami to nearby locations such as the Bahamas, Tallahassee, the Keys, or within Florida.

For a larger plane with longer range and room for you and four of your friends, the Piper Meridian P46T Turbine is a customer favorite. This plane is fast, comfortable, and has ample room for cargo. 

Great Flight’s largest plane, the Cessna C441, comes with a pair of twin turboprop engines and can hit speeds of 370 mph. With seating of up to nine guests and economical price points, it is a favorite amongst traveling families or those who want jet-like speeds without the jet price. 

Of course, you are not limited to the planes in our fleet. If there is a specific airplane you’d like to charter, we can likely arrange it for a fair price. In fact, we are often able to arrange flights for our clients with our partners for lower costs than what you’d pay by going direct.

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