Looking to enjoy a memorable flight experience on your way to beautiful Key West, FL? Look no further than private charter flights to Key West from Great Flight, a private charter company operating out of South Florida and specializing in flights to The Keys and Southeast United States.

With our fleet of aircraft and access to any size airplane you desire, you can be confident you’ll have a safe, comfortable flight experience that is economical and memorable. Get a free quote on your private flight to Key West or learn more about Great Flight.

Private Flights to and from Key West

There are only a handful of airports in Key West which significantly limits the size of aircraft that is able to fly into the southernmost point of the Continental US. The primary airport, Key West International Airport (EYW, KEYW), is centrally located to the city’s major attractions. 

The other airport, Key West Naval Air Station (NQX, KNQX) also known as Boca Chica Field, is a private use airport that requires permission prior to landing. This airport has a smaller runway, limiting most useage to small aircraft.

Not directly located in Key West but nearby is Florida Keys Marathon (MTH, KMTH), a popular spot amongst private charter flights due to the slightly larger runway and airport amenities. Still, this airport is about 40 miles north of the City of Key West, making direct flights to Key West ideal for those who are looking for the most convenient access.

Another nearby airport is Ocean Reef Club Airport 07FA, a small, private airport located in Key Largo. This is also a small runway and is limited in terms of the size of aircraft that can land here. Fortunately, Great Flight operates multiple small aircraft so we can get our guests in and around The Keys easily.

The Great Flight Fleet

In terms of convenience, the Great Flight fleet is an ideal option for those looking for private flight charters into the Florida Keys. We have three aircraft to choose from that are affordable, comfortable, and safe.

The smallest plane in our fleet is a ultra-luxurious Cirrus SR22. The SR22 is ideal for parties of up to three, flights within the State of Florida, or for those individuals who want to get in and out of Key West for business in the same day.

For larger groups, the Piper Meridian P46T turbine is a great option. With a spacious interior and room for up to five passengers, it is the ideal choice for small families or groups of friends looking to travel to The Keys in style. 

For the largest plane in the Great Flight fleet consider the Cessna C441, a 9-passenger twin turboprop that is super economical and practical for larger groups. 

Of course, Great Flight is able to assist you with any plane outside of our fleet and can let you know if the aircraft of your choosing is capable of landing on the runways in Key West.

Popular Key West Departure Locations

Traveling to or from Key West? Great Flight frequently flies guests from these popular locations:

  • Flights from Miami to Key West
  • Flights from Sarasota to Key West
  • Flights from Indianapolis to Key West
  • Flights from Houston to Key West
  • Flights from Orlando to Key West
  • Flights from Baltimore to Key West
  • Flights from NYC to Key West
  • Flights from Atlanta to Key West

We fly anywhere, at anytime, on any aircraft. Contact us to get a free quote from your destination.

Charter Your Flight to or from Key West Today

Why fly into Miami and endure the long drive on a two-way highway when you can enjoy the blue waters of the tropics from above? Not only is the flight to Key West one of the most beautiful, it is one of the most convenient compared to traditional transportation methods. 

Additionally, Great Flight’s white glove service will provide you the opportunity to enjoy your flight with catering of your choosing, arrangement of accommodations, and often, wing-side transportation.

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