As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Florida, it’s no wonder so many people want to enjoy a Jacksonville luxury experience starting with a charter flight. With year-round great weather, a mix of adventure and relaxing options, and a plethora of epic beaches, Jacksonville, truly has something for everyone.

Learn more about how Great Flight can help you charter a luxury flight to Jacksonville and start your vacation experience in style.

Direct Charters to Jacksonville from Anywhere

Great Flight is headquartered in South Florida where it maintains a fleet of exceptionally maintained aircraft. We are able to arrange flights from our aircraft as well as find you any airplane of your liking through our network of safe, reliable partners. 

As Jacksonville sits at the northeast corner of the Florida peninsula, it is a desirable starting, or stopping, hub for the Southern United States. Depending on the size of your Jacksonville charter airplane, we can arrive or depart from one of the area’s airports.

Airports Near Jacksonville 

Great Flight may be able to fly you in or out of these select Jacksonville-area airports.

Airport Name   Code
Jacksonville International Airport    (JAX)
Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport   (CRG)
Herlong Recreational Airport   (HEG)
Cecil Airport   (VQQ)
Deep Forest Airport   (FD48)

Safety is Our Top Priority

Great Flight maintains a flawless safety record that is attributed to our highly-trained pilots as well as meticulously-maintained aircraft. In addition to ensuring the absolute comfort and satisfaction of our clients, the safety of our passengers and their loved ones is our top priority. 

We take full accountability for our pilots and our airplanes and are an FAA Licensed Air Carrier, meaning we operate under the oversight of the US Government. As an Operator, our clients can rest assured that the knowledge of all of the factors that contribute to a safe, comfortable and economical flight are accounted for.

Popular Flights to or from Jacksonville 

  • Private Flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Jacksonville
  • Private Flight from Orlando to Jacksonville
  • Private Flight from Key West to Jacksonville
  • Private Flight from Tampa to Jacksonville
  • Private Flight from Miami to Jacksonville
  • Private Flight from West Palm Beach to Jacksonville
  • Private Flight from Tallahassee to Jacksonville
  • Private Flight from New York to Jacksonville
  • Private Flight from Phoenix to Jacksonville
  • Private Flight from the San Diego to Jacksonville

The Great Flight Fleet

Great Flight is always expanding its fleet of aircraft to accommodate all types of journey’s and passengers. We currently have aircraft that establish a great balance between efficiency, speed, and economics.

Our smallest aircraft is the Cirrus SR22, an ultra modern, safe, comfortable, efficient, fast and reliable plane with loads of features that rival that of a sleek, European luxury sedan. This plane is ideal for shorter trips or for guests with three or fewer passengers.

A Great Flight client favorite is the Piper Meridian P46T Turbine, an extremely capable aircraft with room for five passengers and a fast turbine engine. 

For longer-distance flights with even more seating capacity, we recommend the Cessna C441. This twin-turboprop aircraft seats up to nine passengers comfortably, is powered by two jet engines that turn propellers and is the ultimate combination of cost and performance. 

As an Operator, Great Flight has relationships with other Operators who maintain exceptional fleets. Should you want a different aircraft than what is in our fleet, we can arrange a flight for you that is likely cheaper than what you would pay if you went direct. So if a faster, sexier, Gulfstream or Biz Liner is more up your alley, we can arrange a “great flight” on one of these aircraft as well.

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