Florida Private Charter FlightsIf you are seeking an economical charter flight to Florida turn to the specialists in Sunshine State aviation, Great Flight. We operate out of several FBOs across the Florida and have an intimate knowledge of all the airports in the state. This means our clients can often fly into smaller, more convenient airports saving time and money.

Learn more about the Great Flight difference in private aviation in Florida and get your free quote today.

Private Flights to and from Florida

Many charter clients only consider private jets to Florida but the most economical choice is often a turboprop (a turboprop is a jet engine turning a propeller). These types of aircraft can be up to 40% cheaper than jets, just as comfortable, and with a slightly less maximum speed. 

For example, we recently flew a client who happened to own a popular light jet from Palm Beach to Hilton Head. When we arrived only seven minutes behind the time it would have taken in the jet, he simply could not believe it. When he factored in the cost savings of nearly 40% he was even more amazed.

Bottom line, if you are considering a private jet to Florida you should also consider a turboprop. Of course, we are able to place you on any type of aircraft of your choosing, but we want our clients to understand the differences between turboprops and jets.

The Great Flight Fleet

Great Flight owns and operates its own fleet of exceptionally maintained aircraft. We have two turboprop planes and one piston-powered plane. These planes are ideal for short flights such as for our interstate business travelers, as well as longer, interstate or international flights in and around the Caribbean

Contact us today to find the appropriate plane for your travels, budget, and amount of passengers. We have planes that can accommodate up to nine guests and are also able to set you up with other operators should you need something outside of our fleet.

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