A true specialist in Bahamas air charters, Great Flight is your go-to private charter company for on-demand, luxury flights to your choice of islands. Once you travel in a private plane to the Bahamas with Great Flight you’ll never want to fly commercial again.

Leave when you want, on any aircraft you want, to any of the Bahamas local airports. Learn more about flying private charters to the Bahamas with Great Flight.

Direct Flight Charters to Bahamas from Anywhere

With a private operator such as Great Flight, you can arrange your charter flight from anywhere in the world. Most of our clients fly to the Bahamas from South Florida due to the close proximity and convenience of quick jaunts to our friendly neighbors.

However, with a private flight you have the luxury of flying out of virtually any airport in the country and into virtually any airport in the Bahamas. The size of the charter plane and the runway of the destination airport will dictate where you can fly in and out of, and Great Flight will assist you in determining the best plane and airport for your trip.

Airports in the Bahamas 

Great Flight can fly you in or out of select Bahamas-area airports. The island chain has roughly two dozen international airports, all of which with varying runway lengths. The primary airports are the Nassau International Airport and the Grand Bahama Airport, although smaller airports are scattered throughout the islands. 

Depending on your final destination, your number of passengers, and the aircraft type you wish to fly on, we can help you get as close to your relaxation destination as possible. We’ll figure out the logistics of your arrival including in-flight amenities, ground transportation, and accommodations, if requested. You simply have to show up to the airport, get on the plane, and relax.

The Great Flight Fleet

As an operator, Great Flight manages its own fleet of aircraft that are maintained to government-regulated safety standards. Unlike traditional flight brokers, we are not a middle man. This means you get the best price, top-notch customer service, and the ultimate in comfort and convenience. 

For groups of three or less on short flights (~1,000 miles), we recommend the Cirrus SR22. This luxury aircraft has an interior that rivals that of a high end German automobile. With Bose speakers, state-of-the-art electronics, and an ultra strong carbon fiber construction similar to the most modern airliners, it is one of the most intimate flight experiences you can have. The SR22 also has its own parachute, showcasing some of the most innovative safety features of any airplane, in any fleet.

For larger parties up to five, our turbine-powered Piper Meridian is a top pick. Often considered the best aircraft in its class, this beautiful plane provides a truly opulent experience. With ample legroom, supple leather seats, high-end wood and metal finishings, and the perfect balance of speed and economics, you’ll want to arrange this for your flight on every trip.

The largest aircraft in our fleet is the Cessna Conquest, a twin turboprop that seats nine, hits speeds of up to 370 mph, has a range of 1,700 miles, and flies at jet-like altitudes of 35,000 feet. This airplane rivals the speed of jets yet comes in at a considerably lower price.

Other aircraft

Should the current fleet of Great Flight aircraft not meet your needs, we can arrange a flight on any aircraft of your choice. With our industry knowledge and insight into the safety and professionalism of other carriers, we will make sure you enjoy your “great flight” with another carrier for a price that is often lower than if you went direct.

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