Piper Meridian P46T


Top Speed
305 mph

28,000 ft

Up to 5


The Ultimate in Safety & Performance

Enjoy your Great Flight in the Piper Meridian, a turbine powered, five seater aircraft that is both economical and fast. Clients love the Meridian because of the speed and reliability the turboprop affords, and we love the confidence this power source brings us.

Learn more about the Meridian and why this may be the ideal aircraft to charter for your next company outing or for your family.


The Meridian is the ideal turboprop for short to medium length jaunts. With room for five guests and a range of over 1,000 miles, it is both economical and efficient.

Jet-Fueled Performance & Elegant Luxury

For those passengers looking for the ultimate mix of jet-fueled performance and uncompromising luxury, you’ll find it all with the Meridian’s tried and true turbine engine and spacious interior. With ample legroom in the cabin and state-of-the-art technology at the hands of the captain, all your short or long-term flights will be mastered in comfort and style.

The Piper Meridian sets the standard in its class for exceptional charter value, accomodations, and efficiency.


The envy of other aircraft in this class, the Piper Meridian boasts luxurious premium leather, real wood, carpet, and metal trim. Enjoy creature comforts such as ample USB charging ports, light controls, a work table, beverage holders, individual seat controls, and Piper’s exclusive “air stair” door.


The Piper Meridian is as safe as it is luxurious. With its sophisticated avionics suite and exceptional engineering, you’ll enjoy your time above weather and traffic. Few aircraft provide the pilot with the situational awareness and technology equipped in this aircraft.


Cargo Capacity

The ability to carry baggage and passengers greatly depends on how much you have of each, as is the case with every transportation airplane. The Meridian has good storage capacity just behind the passenger seats and the back two seats can be folded down for longer items.

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