Empty Leg Flights

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Empty Leg Flights Save You Time and Money

When a one way flight is booked but the aircraft flies to or from a destination without any passengers, this is known as an empty leg flight. The frequency in which one-way flights are booked is relatively unknown to the private charter clientele and even more so by the general public. 

Empty leg flights give you the opportunity to find private charter flights for a much greater discount, sometimes allowing you to save up to 75% of what you might expect on a standard jet charter.

Empty Legs Charter Flights to and from South Florida and Beyond

At Great Flight we regularly fly clients all over the country as well as the Central America and the Caribbean, providing you ample opportunity to get discounted private flights to or from these destinations. In addition to having frequent empty leg flights from our fleet of aircraft, we are also able to broker flights from other air carriers to help you find a potential empty leg wherever your departure and destination city might be.

Private charter companies want to fill these spots with passengers as it gives them an opportunity to further monetize their flights, even if it is at a reduced rate. These flights are well-suited for flexible passengers, but are really a pleasure for both your wallet and the aircraft company flying you to your destination.