Cirrus SR22

Great Flight Cirrus

The Cirrus SR22 is an ultra modern, safe, comfortable, efficient, fast and reliable plane with loads of features that rival that of a sleek, European luxury sedan. The plane has air conditioning, high quality leather seats, and cruise speeds that often approach and exceed 200 mph.

Take a look at some of these other features for the distinguished Great Flight traveler:

  • Bose aviation noise canceling headsets
  • XM Sirius Satellite radio package piped into the Bose headsets
  • Ultra strong carbon fiber construction similar to the most modern airliners
  • Modern glass panel cockpit instruments for safety
  • Environmentally conscious airplane: lowest carbon emissions per mile of any aircraft of similar size and speed.

Safety Features:

  • Linked to satellite visual weather products and has an advanced onboard lightening detection system- there is no need to fly into weather if you can see it in near real time and avoid it.
  • Sophisticated on board system to detect and display other airborne traffic even miles away
  • The only certified passenger aircraft of any size to have a CAPS whole plane parachute

Range Map

radius map cirrus sr22

It is important to have a safe plane design, and we do; it is important to have a safe pilot with a proven track record, and we do: it is important to have a plan B, and Cirrus gave us that with a whole airframe parachute system – unique to this manufacturer.  The airlines could take a major lesson.  Even many of the airline accidents of the past 20 years could have been potentially avoided if there was a similar system available to them.

Celebrites like Tim McGraw, Angelina Jolie, Anthony Edwards (Goose in the movie Top Gun) and others personally own Cirrus aircraft just like the one that Great Flight is going to fly you in.

Cirrus CAPS


Cirrus SR22: The Only Airplane with a Whole Plane Parachute

95 lives have been saved by the CAPS parachute system built into the Cirrus

Cirrus SR22 Seating Chart

Cirrus seating chart