Cessna Conquest Private Charters

Twin Turboprop

1,700 miles

Top Speed
370 mph

35,000 ft

Up to 9

The Ultimate in Cost & Performance

When you are considering the right plane and you are weighing cost and performance, we know you want the best of both worlds and we have it for you.  N112CZ is a Cessna Conquest II that is ready for your Great Flight! It is a real stand out in the Turboprop category.

A Turboprop is an aircraft that uses a true jet turbine engine which is connected to a propeller.

A major advantage of the Turboprop over a piston prop is the unmatched reliability of a jet powered turbine engine. Statistically, a turbine engine is a much more reliable engine than a piston powered engine. Because the Cessna Conquest II has two independent turbine engines, our customers find that a natural feeling of safety is part of what makes a ‘Great Flight’.

There is simply no other turboprop in the world with the combination of speed, range, comfort and efficiency.  Many of our customers were former ‘Jet customers’ who quickly learned that the best value combination in private aviation is found in the Cessna Conquest II.


Category: Twin Turboprop (Pair of Jet engines turning propellers)

Range (miles): up to 1700 miles non-stop

Speed (MPH): 370 mph

Altitude:  Factory certified to 35,000 feet; Operationally certified to 28,000 feet.

Passengers: up to 9

Characteristics: Pressurized, Multi Engine, Jet/Turbine

Price Per Hour: starting at $1,450 per hour

Paint and Interior: upgraded in 2014


When it comes to range, the Great Flight Conquest II is in a league of its own.  We are able to make it non-stop to from Palm Beach to Toronto Canada at max cruise at 28,000 in under 4 hours.

Unmatched Operating Economics

A major advantage of a Turboprop over a jet is the unmatched operating economics.  While the speed of a Cessna Conquest II is nearly that of a jet, cost savings of up to 40% are possible while travel time even on a trip as long as Palm Beach to New York is only as little as 10% greater.  

Recently on a flight from Palm Beach to Hilton Head, N112CZ had a guest on board who happened to own a popular light jet.  He couldn’t get over the fact that N112CZ – the Great Flight Turboprop – was able to complete the leg only 7 minutes behind the time he would have taken in the jet.

The speed of the Conquest II is nearly that of a jet, yet with cost savings of up to 40%.


While it is pressurized, Cessna made the cabin an ‘oval’ instead of a tube which translates into a cabin that is actually more comfortable than many light jets and with the efficient engines, range is actually better than many light jets.


While a turbine engine is very safe, few things are more comfortable than the redundancy of having two turbine engines like on the Conquest II.

Runway Performance

Another area where a turbine powered Turboprop really shines compared to a ‘jet’ is runway performance.  Because a Turboprop like the Cessna Conquest II uses substantially less runway than the jet, many more airports are available for use by our guests. They quickly realize that the few minutes saved in the air are used several times over when the Turboprop gets them into the smaller airfield that is often much closer to their actual destination. Ironically, the Great Flight Cessna Conquest II is often FASTER door to door than the ‘jet’.  


The Great Flight Cessna Conquest II is equipped with a semi-private lavatory that is a full flushing bottom serviceable unit for convenience on the longer flights that we are easily capable of.  In N112CZ, there are a set of curtains that can be used to partition off the back divan area of the aircraft from the rest of the passenger cabin. In that area, one of the seats on the divan is actually a potty.   Many customers find that having our lavatory at the extreme aft end of the aircraft cabin is much more discrete than aircraft that have the lavatory right next to the cockpit.


Cargo Capacity

The external nose baggage locker is a single unit that is fully capable of holding practically as much as the cargo area of a premium sized SUV.  On several trips, we have had four sets of golf clubs and some soft duffle bags up in the nose at the same time. One helpful hint for packing on a Conquest II Great Flight is that a larger quantity of smaller bags fits better into the nose baggage area than a smaller quantity of larger hard bags does.

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