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Cirrus SR22 Private Charter Piston Aircraft
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Engine: This aircraft is nimble and powerful, boasting the nose-mounted 310-horsepower Continental IO-550 engine and its ultralight frame.

Maximum Speed: With the ability to soar across the skies at over 220 mph, the Cirrus is always ready to quickly and efficiently shuttle you to your destination.

Range: With a max range of over 900 miles, more destinations are within your reach.

Seating: Comfortably seating 3 passengers, the Cirrus SR22 is perfect for solo journeys and family excursions.

The Cirrus SR22 is Ideal for Any Use Case

The Cirrus SR22 is a testament to luxury, safety, and superior performance. Tailored for individuals who expect nothing but the best in their private charter experiences, the SR22 is a class apart. Offering the luxury, discretion, and flexibility of private flights at some of the most economical prices yet, the SR22 lowers the barrier to entry into private charter flights.

Cirrus SR22 in-flight

Cirrus SR22 for Business

In the world of business, your time is your currency, and with the Cirrus SR22, you’ll save plenty of it. The SR22 ensures you adhere to your tight schedules.

Your agenda demands punctuality, and the Cirrus SR22 answers with swift, economical air travel between cities or states, ensuring you’re always ahead of schedule.

The open door of the cockpit of a Cirrus SR22

Cirrus SR22 for Leisure

Are you dreaming of secluded destinations? With the SR22, they’re just a quick flight away. Whether pristine beaches or mountain havens are in your future, its unique ability to land in smaller runways ensures that even the most remote airfields are within reach.

Exceptional Features of the Cirrus SR22

The SR22 Puts Safety First with CAPS

When choosing a private charter, your safety is, and always should, come first. That’s why the Cirrus SR22 is a clear stand-out, thanks to the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS)—making the Cirrus SR22 one of the safest single-pilot operation-capable aircraft in the industry. 

In addition to our pilot’s exceptional skill and the SR22’s traditional contingency systems, the SR22 can safely bring down the entire aircraft using its specialized parachute system in case of a system failure, pilot injury, or illness. With CAPS, passengers can rest easy knowing they’re aboard one of the safest SPO aircraft in the skies.

Cutting-Edge Avionics for Reliable Journeys

Navigating the skies requires precision, and the Cirrus SR22 delivers. The Cirrus SR22 has the state-of-the-art Cirrus Perspective+ by Garmin avionics suite. This cutting-edge system ensures pilots can access critical flight data at their fingertips. From GPS for accurate routing to synthetic vision that provides a clear visual landscape even in demanding conditions to real-time weather updates ensuring optimal flight paths—the SR22’s cockpit is filled with technological innovation. Private charter customers can expect smoother, more reliable, and informed journeys every time.

SR22 RangeCirrus SR22 on the Tarmac ready for a Private Charter Flight

There is a reason the SR22 is the best selling aircraft in its class; it gives you unprecedented performance and style and is the perfect option for quick trips in-state or across state lines. With a range of over 1,000 miles and a top speed over 200 mph, it is a top pick amongst those guests with small trip itineraries.

Popular Destinations

The FAA authorizes Great Flight to operate anywhere in the lower 48 United States, the entire Caribbean, the lower half of Canada, and all of Central America, but here are a few of our most popular destinations for the Cirrus SR22:

Miami, Florida  |  Orlando, Florida  | Jacksonville, Florida  |  Tallahassee, Florida  | Tampa, Florida  | Key West, Florida  | Atlanta, Georgia


Interior of the Cirrus SR22 prepped for a Private Charter Flight

Unparalleled Cabin Comfort

The experience within the SR22 goes beyond just getting from point A to B. With the SR22, you can travel with complete discretion and comfort. As you settle in, you’ll quickly appreciate the luxurious leather seating with plenty of legroom to stretch your legs, as well as adjustable air-conditioning to keep you cool through the Florida (or Bahamian) heat.

Cirrus SR22

Fantastic Economics

Thanks to its ultra-light construction and fuel-efficient engines, you’ll enjoy some of the most outstanding private flight economics available. Even on longer journeys, the Cirrus stands above the rest regarding its affordability, accessibility, and eco-friendliness. The Cirrus SR22’s flight economics makes more destinations flyable than ever before.

The SR22 offers the dual advantage of top-tier performance for the discerning private charter customer without undue operational expenses.

Cirrus SR22 on the Tarmac ready for a Private Charter Flight
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The SR22 offers the dual advantage of top-tier performance for the discerning private charter customer without undue operational expenses. Contact us for a quote.

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