Cessna Conquest II C441

Cessna Conquest II Private Charter Plane
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A Cessna Conquest II spinning it's turboprop engines.
The Perfect Balance of Luxury & Performance

Discover the Cessna Conquest II C441

The Cessna Conquest II C441 provides fast and comfortable private air travel at unparalleled economics. With an unbeatable blend of speed, style, and functionality, it’s the favored choice for business as well as personal travel. 

A significant advantage of the Turboprop over a piston prop is the unmatched reliability of a jet-powered turbine engine. Statistically, a turbine engine is far more reliable than a piston-powered engine. Because the Cessna Conquest II C441 has two independent turbine engines, our customers find that a natural feeling of safety is part of what makes a Great Flight.

There is simply no other turboprop in the world with the combination of speed, range, comfort, and efficiency. Many of our customers were former ‘Jet customers’ who quickly learned that the best value combination in private aviation is found in the Cessna Conquest II.

Interior of the Conquest II Private Charter Plan e

Cessna Conquest II C441 Specifications

  • Engines: Two powerful Garrett TPE331 turboprop engines.
  • Speed: Speeds of up to 340 mph.
  • Range: Impressive 2,200-mile range.
  • Capacity: Seating for up to 9 passengers
  • Pressurized and Air-Conditioned
The cockpit of a private charter plane.
Unmatched Operating Economics

A major advantage of a Turboprop over a jet is the unmatched operating economics. While the speed of a Cessna Conquest II C441 is nearly that of a jet, cost savings of up to 40% are possible while travel time even on a trip as long as Palm Beach to New York is only as little as 10% greater.

Recently on a flight from Palm Beach to Hilton Head on one of our Conquest II C441’s, we had a guest on board who happened to own a popular light jet. He couldn’t get over the fact that the Conquest – our Turboprop – was able to complete the leg only 7 minutes behind the time he would have taken in the jet.

The Conquest II Private Charter Turboprop

The Conquest for Buisness

In today’s fast-paced world, business doesn’t just stay confined within city limits or borders. The Cessna Conquest allows you to conquer your busy schedule with jet-like speeds at a 40% lower cost.

Don’t let drawn-out flights or exhausting layovers and delays hold you back. Reclaim your time and energy with a fast, affordable, and stress-free voyage with the Conquest II C441. Win back more time with faster, safer, and more efficient private charter travel that you can only get from Great Flight.

Comfortably prepare for your meetings with our high-speed in-cabin internet (available on only one of our Conquest II’s), or sit back and relax in the Conquest II’s pressurized, air-conditioned cabin while reading a book, knowing you’ll arrive refreshed and ready.

A side profile, aerial shot of the Cessna Conquest II

The Conquest for Leisure

In today’s commercial aviation landscape, delays have become more and more frequent. When you’re on vacation, the last thing you want is to worry about unexpected delays. Avoid the hassle and take control of your time with the Conquest II C441.

Whether you’re setting off on a family vacation or a spontaneous weekend getaway, the Conquest II ensures that the journey is as delightful as the destination, whether you’re embarking on a family holiday or an impromptu weekend retreat.

Enjoy a comfortable and relaxing flight experience from the moment you step aboard until the moment you reach your destination. Let your journey be as enjoyable as your destination with a Great Flight on a Cessna Conquest II.

Conquest RangeA Cessna Conquest II taking off in front of a field of flowers.A Conquest II private plane on the tarmac in Florida

When it comes to range, the Great Flight Conquest II is in a league of its own. We are able to make it non-stop to from Palm Beach to Toronto Canada at max cruise of 35,000 ft. in as little as 3 hours and 45 minutes.


A major advantage of a Turboprop over a jet is the unmatched operating economics. While the speed of a Cessna Conquest II C441 is nearly that of a jet, cost savings of up to 40% are possible, while travel time even, on a trip as long as Palm Beach to New York is just a few minutes longer.

Popular Destinations

The FAA authorizes Great Flight to operate anywhere in the lower 48 United States, the entire Caribbean, the lower half of Canada, and all of Central America, but here are a few of our most popular destinations for the Cessna Conquest II:

Miami, Florida  |  Orlando, Florida  | Jacksonville, Florida  |  Tallahassee, Florida  | Tampa, Florida  | Key West, Florida  | Atlanta, Georgia

Entering the cabin of the Cessna Conquest II private charter.The interior of the Cessna Conquest II private plane.

The external nose baggage locker is a single unit that can hold as much as the cargo area of a premium SUV. It is best to pack smaller bags when using the Conquest II Great Flight, as they tend to fit better in the nose baggage area than larger hard bags. However, it’s possible to fit four sets of golf clubs and some soft duffle bags in the nose simultaneously.


The Great Flight Cessna Conquest II C441 is equipped with private lavatory for the convenience of passengers during longer flights. The lavatory is a full-flushing unit. In our conquests, a solid door partitions off the back divan area of the aircraft from the rest of the passenger cabin. One of the seats in that area is a potty. Many customers find it discreet to have the lavatory located at the extreme aft end of the aircraft cabin instead of having it right next to the cockpit.

Why Choose the Cessna Conquest II C441? 

Efficiency: You’re choosing one of the most fuel-efficient aircraft in its class.

Versatility: From business trips to adventurous getaways, it caters to all.

Comfort: Experience a journey like no other, surrounded by luxury.

Safety: Modern features ensure every flight is as safe as it’s comfortable.

A Conquest II taking off from a Florida runway, heat mirage visible.
Ready for Takeoff?

Interested in making the Cessna Conquest II your next travel companion? Let’s chat. Our team is here to turn your flying aspirations into reality. Reach out today!

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